A new model to deliver 
in-home care to improve outcomes for all

Combining AI/ML with deep industry expertise to build the future of care.

A new standard in-home care...

Abba gives independent care professionals the tools to run their business:
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A one-stop software platform to launch and manage all their operations

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Find new care opportunities

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Frictionless booking with in-platform payments

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Training, continued education and certification resources

…providing families and care recipients the resources to find affordable in-home care and navigate the process

Abba enables care recipients to find best-in-class, affordable care:
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Find and book trusted and vetted carers

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Manage and schedule payments from one place

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Reviews and ratings on screened and verified carers

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A care-focused community experience to learn from others 
in similar situations

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About Us

Our founding team is uniquely experienced to solve the home-care problem. We combine operating in the trenches for 10+ years in the home-care industry with deep technology expertise.

We know that a holistic solution is needed to create a sustainable future for care delivery.

We know the day-to-day problems participants experience and we are determined to fix them. If you would like to participate in the journey, register your interest here.

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